Skin Care Therapy

Agora Elite Facial

Duration: 80 minutes, Price: $265

Oxygen Facial
Duration: 50 minutes, Price: $205


Anti-Aging Excellence Facial - recommended for advanced signs of aging Liss Age Melting Tablet + Plumping Sap delivers the highest level of firming and corrective action on mature skin. The unique melting tablet is used in conjunction with a plumping sap containing exceptionally effective extracts of Aurone, Iris and Immortelle to stimulate the collagen, increase density, regenerate, and correct the skin. Also utilized in this facial is the Qi booster sculpting tool.
Duration: 60 minutes; Price: $205


Absolute Radiance Facial - recommended for dull complexions or hyperpigmentation White Bright Extreme Mask is a targeted solution concerning dull and uneven pigmented skin. This special mask optimizes results with Decleor's White Focus Complex, a special combination of pure Vitamin C and distinctive plant extracts from China and Japan that are highly effective in combating dark spots and uneven tone. The skin is left radiant with even tonality and a remarkably brightened complexion.
Duration: 60 Minutes, Price: $165


Active Pureness - recommended for combination to oily skin types Mate et Pure Expert Mask instantly absorbs impurities with its unique, high absorbent plant powders and Acquatic Gel formula. Melaleuca helps to stop inflammation while exceptional plant extracts balance bacteria, slow sebum production and even out the complexion. The skin is deeply purified, mattified and radiant.
Duration: 50 Minutes, Price: $155

Advanced Natural Facelift - Myotonology

A wonderful non-surgical treatment that tones facial muscles and gives the skin a youthful lift. Microcurrent technology isolates and stimulates facial muscles with low current impulses, reducing lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production and increasing hydration. This effective treatment is offered in a series of 10 or 20, followed by monthly boosters.
Duration: 55 minutes, Price: $185

Alpha Therapy Collagen - Collagen Anti-Aging Treatment

An intense treatment to resurface, revitalize and deeply hydrate the skin, while stimulating circulation and cellular activity. Results: Perfect texture, plumped lines and moisturized skin with a long-lasting glow.
Duration: 50 minutes; Price: $155

Back Facial

Duration: 50 Minutes, Price: $150

Express Facial

The perfect solution for the time-pressed client. This customized, brightening facial is designed to produce visible results in little time. We use a mixture of vitamins, nutrients and alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate and clarify your complexion, leaving your skin glowing and supple. We recommend a series of six treatments for the best results.
Duration: 25 Minutes, Price: $120


Duration: 30 minutes, Price: $150

Teen Facial

Designed to increase awareness of the skin and learn proper skin care. Performed by one of our certified estheticians; this treatment includes a deep cleansing with exfoliation, extractions with tea tree oil, pressure point massage, customized detoxifying mask finished with a proper moisturizer. Available to male and female teenagers 18 and under.
Duration: 25 minutes, Price: $105

Men’s Intense Energy Facial

Duration: 50 minutes, Price: $155