Skin Care Enhancements

Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliation

This powerful exfoliator loosens clogged pores, refines skin texture and stimulates collagen production.
Price: $55

Collagen Mask

Price: $45

Décolleté Treatment

Price: $45

Firming & Correcting Anti-Aging

Price: $55

Oxygen Mineral Treatment

Price: $65


Qi Booster - recommended for all skin types
A sculpting tool that is part of the acupuncture family. This non-invasive remarkable tool works efficiently on facial muscles, nerves, reflex areas and body meridians that promote cellular renewal and oxygenation of the skin.
Price: $50

Paraffin Dip Treatment

Price: $20

Relaxing Scalp Treatment

Add pure relaxation to any treatment with a relaxing and moisturizing scalp massage, ultra moisturizing oils for the scalp and hair.
Price: $45