Body Works

Experience a state of grace with Agora’s nurturing body treatments that recondition and hydrate your skin to leave you feeling and looking your best from head to toe.
Each Agora body treatment begins with an invigorating dry brush exfoliation. Then we gently apply our specially formulated treatment product to your skin, before enveloping your body in a cozy wrap and massaging your scalp and feet. Your treatment is finished with an application of a rich, hydrating lotion for the ultimate in skin care.



Silhouette Body Treatment
This refining and detoxing full body treatment drains, boosts and refines with Ghassoul Clay, Marine Algae and active essential oils. Features an exfoliation followed by a mask rich in plant extracts by Decleor.

Duration: 75 minutes; Price: $200

Slim Effect Body Treatment
A powerful targeted body treatment made up of three steps, using the power of draining essential oils: grapefruit, marjoram and elemi targets the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. This treatment starts out with a fruit and spice exfoliation with fruit seeds that include apricot, argon, orange, ginger, cinnamon, grape, sunflower, ginger and pepper to activate circulation and energize mind and spirit. Step two, is an aromatherapy massage to drain and eliminate toxins. This body treatment finishes with a professional mask, concentrated with plant power to drain and have a slimming effect.

Duration: 75 minutes; Price: $175


100% Natural Aromatherapy:

Relax –to soften skin and work out tension in body. Offers complete relaxation to overly stressed bodies in need of comfort.
Circulation – to boost microcirculation and stimulate the body. Refreshing sensation that tones and invigorates the skin. Solution for heavy or tired legs. Great for travelers or anyone on their feet all day.
Slimming/Detox – drains, eliminates bloat and water retention. Targets cellulite too! This aromatherapy can also be used as part of a detox or overall slimming program.
Price: $30

Decolletage Treatment; Price: $45

Vie Body Treatment
Treat yourself to an exceptional body treatment combining specific relaxation methods with exceptionally effective products. This exceptional journey, which includes a facial massage, is so much more than your standard exfoliation. The relaxing sequence gently stimulates the five senses across the continents, as it indulges your skin in a remarkable exfoliation similar to a microdermabrasion sequence crafted to bestow unparalleled serenity and the softest skin imaginable. The Vie Body Treatment, completes with a lavish application of our rich body cream, leaves your skin perfectly moisturized, and supple—just the way nature intended.

Duration: 90 minutes, Price: $220

Aromatherapy Body Polish
This personalized treatment is designed to smoothe and soften your skin any time of year. Your treatment begins with a dry brush exfoliation, followed by an invigorating application of your choice of one of our intoxicating body polish blends. A silky body lotion is then lightly massaged into the skin for velvety soft, smooth and glowing finish.

Duration: 30 minutes, Price: $105

Agora Body Polish Blends
Cranberry Yozu – A crisp yet soothing scent, that's purely New England.
Green Tea and Crushed Rice - A gentle Asian fragrance, both fresh and uplifting.
Balinese Kopi – Exotic and rich, with a hint of vanilla.
Pumpkin Glow- A warm and spicy aroma evoking autumn harvests.

Self-Heating Sea Foam Cocoon
Our professional recommendation to relieve tight muscles, joints and tendons while nourishing the body. This rejuvenating mud therapy includes coating your skin with an intensely active warm marine mud to replenish, remineralize and oxygenate your body, while soothing sore tissue and drawing out toxins from deep within. After a refreshing shower rinse, we apply a rich hydrating body cream to the skin's surface, leaving you transformed and aglow, inside and out.
Duration: 50 minutes, Price: $155

Sea Tonic Firming Escape
A luxurious beauty ritual that leaves your skin soft, toned and younger than springtime! This treatment starts with a dry brush exfoliation, followed by a lavish application of concentrated herbal ingredients which are expertly massaged deep into the skin to firm and refine it. Pampering at its best!

Duration: 50 minutes, Price: $165