Plan a Relaxing Spa Day in Stamford, CT


At Agora Spa, we believe that an exceptional spa service quite literally takes you to another place, freeing you from everyday stress while rebalancing and refreshing your entire body. Get ready to experience a journey of pure bliss as we delight your senses, nourish your soul and revitalize your spirit.

Agora Perfect Spa Journey
After a gentle exfoliation, experience the healing effects of a toning body wrap infused with our signature blend of oils and lotions to recondition and moisturize the skin, leaving it velvety smooth and soft to the touch. Then feel stress melt away during a facial and scalp massage.

Duration: 75 minutes, Price: $240

Executive Spa Retreats
The ultimate break for the busy executive. Start with an 80-minute Agora signature massage to banish tension, then indulge in an 80-minute Agora signature facial for men or women. Truly frees the body and opens the mind while leaving you with more beautiful skin.Duration: 2.5 hours, Price: $350

Gentlemen's Spa Journey
Embark on a journey of welcome relaxation and pampering from head to toe. Enjoy our signature men's facial, designed to rejuvenate and revitalize tired, stressed skin, followed by a deep tissue sports massage and reflexology therapy treatment – the perfect stress-relief agenda for today's hardworking gentlemen!

Duration: 2.5 hours, Price: $360

Experience Comprehensive Spa Retreats

Journey to Your Inner Self
Let your stress melt away as you embark on this personal escape for the ultimate in relaxation. Begin with an aromatherapy body polish, then turn off the outside world as you melt into a Self Heating Sea Foam Cocoon. Add the soothing warmth of a Hot Stone Massage allowing you to slip deeper into pure bliss and an Agora Energy Facial to restore your flawless complexion, followed by a reflexology hand and foot therapy, and you’ve gone where only a privileged few have gone before. Enjoy Lunch from our Spa Cuisine Menu.

Duration: 5 hours, Price: $550

Spa LaLa
50 Minute Signature Facial & 50 Minute Signature Massage with a $30 boutique credit.

Regular $310 – Special $260