Agora For Men

Reward yourself in Agora's executive-club environment for a well-deserved reprieve from the daily grind. Our men's services are appropriately designed for the special needs of men, offering essential results-oriented skin care treatments, as well as a variety of massage therapies that restore vitality and recharge your spirit – the ultimate stress relievers. For your convenience, we provide towels, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and combs, as well as a robe and slippers.

Agora Gentlemen's Fit Facial
An invigorating high-performance facial specially designed to empower men's skin. Tailor made to soothe sensitivity caused by daily shaving and stress, this essential treatment cleanses, moisturizes and revives the skin with a deep penetrating mask, leaving his face moisturized and refreshed. Bottom line: a facial with staying power.
Duration: 50 minutes, Price: $140
Series of 6; Price $770

Express Stress Relief Massage
Hands-on stress management is key to relieving tension and tired muscles. Give us 25 minutes and we'll give you a whole new you!
Duration: 25 minutes, Price: $105

Men’s Intense Energy Facial 

Focuses on detoxifying, purifying and replenishing the skin. This treatment will address skin damaged and weakened by daily shaving and harsh climate conditions. Pure energy mask is specifically formulated for men’s thicker skin. A unique cream-foam mask with green clay, eucalyptus, clove and peppermint will leave skin clear, fresh, matte and pure.
Duration: 60 minutes; Price: $155  

Deep Tissue Massage
Tailor-made for active lifestyles. This intensive massage is designed to work the deepest parts of the muscle to release acids that build up during work out sessions. Deep massage movements help stimulate circulation, soothe tight muscles, and dissolve tension, leaving you totally relaxed, calm and free from stress.
Duration: 25 minutes, Price: $125
50 minutes, Price: $155
Series of 6; Price: $853
Duration: 80 minutes, Price: $205
Series of 6; Price $1,128
Duration: 2 hours, Price: $305
Hot Stone Therapy
If you haven’t yet tried this amazing massage, here’s your chance to experience Agora’s euphoric state of pure relaxation. We use heated basalt stones to melt away tension from body, mind and spirit during this massage. Heated stones are placed on specific energy points on the body to release stress from deep within the muscles.
Duration: 60 minutes, Price: $165
Series of 6; Price: $910
Duration: 90 minutes, Price: $240
Series of 6; Price: $1,320
Thai Massage
A unique and exhilarating massage that employs Yoga and deep assisted stretching with compression work to harmonize vital life energies. Your therapist will use a combination of stretching techniques, gentle rocking movements and massage to help stretch, loosen and elevate your body to a higher level. Loose clothing should be worn for this floor mat massage.
Duration: 60 minutes, Price: $185
Series of 6; Price: $1,018
Duration: 90 minutes, Price: $265
Series of 6; Price: $1,458
Gentlemen's Spa Journey
Embark on a journey of welcome relaxation and pampering from head to toe. Enjoy our signature men's facial, designed to rejuvenate and revitalize tired, stressed skin, followed by a deep tissue sports massage and reflexology therapy treatment – the perfect stress-relief agenda for today's hardworking gentlemen!
Duration: 2.5 hours, Price: $360